How To Prevent Electric Shock In Workplace

Electricity safety measures require attention either from the company or from people who work at the company. Electric shock in the office belongs to the category of accidents in the work area, so the company must cover all medical expenses required by the employee. To avoid or prevent work accidents caused by electric shocks, each worker must be provided with the knowledge of electrical safety. If there is trouble occur regarding electricity in the building, call Rytec Electric to help you fix the problem without a hassle.

Electric shock is classified as large and small electrical currents that affect the body if someone is exposed to an electric shock that person only feels ticklish or tingling around his body that is exposed to the cable or electricity but it could also cause muscle pain. In some worse cases, the electrical shock causes the heart muscle will experience ventricular fibrillation which can result in death. This generally occurs in companies that need care and maintenance of electronic equipment.

Several steps can be taken by workers who in the vicinity of their work area have an electrical voltage. It is very important to know all electrical symbols, because ignorance of symbols or images of electrical voltage, fatal consequences will occur. For those who work in high-voltage areas, before starting work must check the electric current. Electric current must be turned off when there are workers who work in the high-voltage area. It is recommended not to be in the area of high voltage electricity such as large equipment, so companies must be strict in making regulations not to allow employees to be around the machine when the engine starts. This aims to prevent accidents of workers when working. Safety measures when there is a friend or a person who is electrocuted is not to occasionally try to approach a victim who is still stung, because you can also get stung instead the result will be more fatal. The recommended action is to turn off the power source. Do not forget to always wear electrical safety equipment while working. Use personal protective equipment that works according to the standard.

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