These Life Lesson You Get From Skateboarding

Skateboarding is transportation, hobbies and also sports. In the upcoming Olympics (2020 Olympics) skateboarding has become one of the official sports that is contested. You probably already know that many skaters are modifying their cruiser skateboard to their favorite. Maybe many people know skateboarding as one of the extreme sports. Because it is considered dangerous enough to do without safety. If you have an interest in trying to skateboard, there are several life principles that you can get in everyday life.

If your courage is small, you are guaranteed not to play skateboard. Why? Because when skateboarding, there is a possibility that we will get hurt, fall, injuries that we might all be afraid to feel. Many skateboarders are also afraid that unwanted injuries will occur when playing. Fear is needed so that we remain vigilant and careful when playing, but not to exceed our courage. Maybe if you present it, you can be 40% scared, 60% brave.

In everyday life too, surely we will experience fear. But remember, do not be afraid to exceed courage until we are reluctant to do it.

One thing I like when I skate is that I can focus on just one thing. That is so how can I still be on a skateboard and not fall and can do some tricks that I want. I only focus on skateboarding.

Once I’m out of focus, I’m sure I’ll fall. In our lives when working or studying, there are often too many things to think about. And that will all make us very easy to stress. Assuming this work is too heavy. Our lives become unpleasant because of various pressures that make us unable to focus. As a result, our work is chaotic, our lives are chaotic.

So when doing one thing, don’t do anything else. Keep other things, don’t mind. Complete one by one. Not all at once. Although many things must be resolved, finish one by one. Switching from one job to another.

Learning to fall
We must learn to fall. We must be able to measure approximately whether we will fall so that we can move away from the skateboard and stand safely. Even if you have to fall it must be in the right position, to minimize the impact of falling that you get.

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