Sengkang Grand Residences Showflat Floor Plan You Need to Know

Sengkang Grand Residence showflat is a condominium with high prospective that located in Sengkang Central. This condo offers you with 682 apartments which vary in price and types. So you can book the condo depending on your needs. You can find so many amenities and facilities on its surrounding, such as shopping malls, food center, sports and recreational place, and many more.

For those who interested to book the condo, here are the details of the floor plan you need to know.

Floor Plan of Sengkang Grand Residence Showflat

1. Type of Floor Plan

Sengkang Grand Residence showflat has 682 apartments unit which varies in type and size. Unit type with 1 bedroom-sized 424 to 474 sq ft and 1 bedroom plus study sized 517 sq ft. For 2 bedroom, it is sized 616 to 775 sq ft, while 2 bedroom with study sized 775 to 861 sq ft. For 3 bedroom it sized 940 to 980 sq ft, 4 bedroom the unit sized 1,152 to 1,173 sq ft, and 5 bedroom-sized 1,302 sq ft. The condo also has commercial units but it is not announced yet for the unit size. So you can book a condo depending on your budgets and needs.

2. The Price

Investors can expect rental amounts transactions, such as 1 bedroom costs SGD$2,000 to SGD$2,500 per month, it costs SGD$2,400 to SGD$3,200 per month for 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom costs SGD$2,800 to SGD$4,000 per month. Our Grand Residences showflat offers the convenience and connectivity for all residents that situated nearby bus interchange and MRT station. The development will rate the rental condo higher than the others.

So you need to know and understand about unit types and price of the condo, and it will bring the future investment. That’s some information about Sengkang Grand Residences floor plan.

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