This Is How To Do A Basic Bookkeeping For New Businesses

If you are still confused about how to make simple bookkeeping for your company, we will explain a few of the basic steps in more detail in this article so that you can better understand it. Additionally, you can also hire a licensed Online bookkeeper if you want to make this process becomes faster and easier

The following steps can be taken to create a simple company bookkeeping:

Create an Expense Notebook

When you start a business, you need to make a book that is specifically recording all expenses. All expenses in business ranging from purchasing raw materials, operations to employee salaries must be continuously recorded clearly. When you record your expense carefully, you can calculate how much capital money that you’ve spent.

Create an Entry Notebook

After having a cash book the next expenditure that needs to be prepared is the cash book income. You will use this cash book later to record all transactions related to company income. For example, the number of product sales that were successfully obtained per day as well as receivables that had been paid. The recording of income transactions must also be carried out every day to make it easier for you to do the company’s monthly bookkeeping. By having an orderly cash and expense book recorded every day you will find out how much profit is made in one day.

Make the Main Cash Book

In financial bookkeeping, the company makes the main cash book is one thing that is very important. You will use this main cash book to combine transactions between income cash books and cash books for expenses. By combining transactions from the two cash books you will find out in detail and clearly how much profit or loss the company.

You can also determine how much the company’s budget for incoming and outgoing money. Estimated cash flow is also very important to make plans and strategies for the company if in the future there are unexpected costs that must be incurred. For example, there is an estimated cash shortage that your company can immediately raise targets or reduce expenses. In order for the maximum results to record the main cash flow must be carried out continuously, thoroughly and thoroughly.

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