Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

One of the painting techniques using watercolors has become a boom in social media lately. This began with the rise of illustrators who uploaded their work through Instagram accounts. This hobby also became lively discussed in many circles. As a result, professionals are interested in opening workshop classes for beginners who want to learn the basics of the technique. Start by going face to face (offline), or also through videos on YouTube and blogs. You can also visit drawingfan.com.

There are several easy ways to recognize the basics of watercolor paintings:

1. Get to know Brushes
The first thing you must understand is to know which brush or brush is suitable for painting watercolor. Based on illustrator Rachel Hinderliter, there are two types of brush recommendations that are often liked by many professionals. First, Raphael Soft Aqua which is round in shape and has 12 different choices. Starting from the smallest size of number 2 to the largest number 24. Second, quill brushes that can hold a lot of water so that it perfects the final result, especially when painting leaves.

2. Distinguishing Colors
It is important for you to know that many types of watercolors can be seen to change after drying. It’s good as a beginner painter, you try first all types of colors that will be used. The method is quite easy, just by mixing enough paint and water. If you feel your watercolor collection is not too much, try mixing two or more colors to create a new color.

3. Quality of Painting Tools
Various workshop classes recommend that beginners have good quality painting tools. Of course, this is tantamount to suggesting to buy expensive paper, paint, and brushes. That’s what illustrated by illustrator Yao Cheng. It is undeniable, high-priced painting equipment is able to provide different results compared to affordable prices. Even when painting, use the same technique. For example, if you use premium quality paper. The premium paper will not be easy to bend let alone curl even though painting with too much water content.

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