You Must Put Your Ads In The Right Time And Place

You must pay attention to the accuracy of the time and place when you put an ad. This is needed so that your ads can reach the right target efficiently. In the meantime, if you want to improve the efficiency of your location-based ads, we suggest you use geofencing advertising services.

Let’s get back to the right time and place to put your ads. You must know some of these things to advertise your business properly:

In the area where the media is. To be able to advertise in accordance with our desires, this needs to be considered. For online media, this point is not given enough attention because the reach of online media is wider than offline media.

How much is the price of advertising, it is important to know that it does not complicate the plans that we will make.

How is the quality of the reader? What is important or that must be considered is the group, their circumstances and their interests and purchasing power. For example, readers, traders and civil servants, students and teenagers. One way to find out the quality of the reader is by paying attention to the price of the subscription. For example, a high subscription rate is a sign that the reader has a high purchasing power.

The number of readers of the website can be estimated from the age of the website and the number of shares as well as the number of regular visitors