Branding Ideas for Company Event

Holding an event is a marketing activity that is considered quite effective. Why is that? because through events, a company can interact directly with visitors through various activities, such as seminars, talk shows, exhibitions, or expos. You can hire events company in singapore to get the best event.

Basically, the essence of holding an event is to generate brand awareness. So, visitors who don’t know become know, while visitors who already know become more understanding and loyal. In order to make this activity more effective, there are several branding ideas that can be applied during the event.

If you hold events such as seminars or other activities that invite speakers, then you can put your logo on the podium. The audience will obviously focus on the speaker, so they will also look at the logo. Chances are they will also photograph or videotape the activity, and pass it on to social media. So, don’t miss putting a logo on this place.

Making a prop, such as an Instagram frame, can arouse visitors’ interest to take bigger pictures. With a little encouragement, they will also be happy to spread their photos with these frames to social media. So, it never hurts you to prepare a prop.