You Must Know These Marketing Types For Hotels And Inns

From a marketing point of view, relationship marketing in hotel and lodging services really needs to be created relationship marketing, which is based on guest satisfaction based on the experience of staying at the hotel. In order to create what is desired by each market, the implementation of integrated marketing needs to start with internal marketing, external marketing, and interactive marketing. Besides that, you can also try geofencing marketing to make your hotel becomes more visible on GPS.

Internal marketing

The hotel marketing strategy and internal marketing lodging are to foster hotel employees so that they increase their knowledge and skills, are friendly, polite and honest in serving guests, giving rise to a satisfying impression for guests.

External marketing

Namely the hotel marketing strategy by setting management tasks to find customers, by directing the promotion and coaching of prospective customers. Also, establish all forms of techniques to attract prospective customers.

Interactive marketing strategy
This is in the form of employee expertise in serving consumers. Hotel consumers have usually educated groups of people who must obtain special, fast and accurate services, so as not to upset guests with slow service and do not understand customer needs.